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How to more efficiently roll out FTTH in high-rise buildings

Whereas many providers have already acquired quite some expertise in rolling out FttH (Fiber to the Home) in low buildings, it is still a real challenge in respect of high-rise buildings. The complexity is due to a combination of the number of connections, dependence on the occupants, and the height of the buildings.

David van der Leun started the standardisation of the underlying processes as a consultant with one of NAUMAC´s customers. The purpose was to carry out the installation of FttH in high-rise buildings better and more efficiently.

He began this job from scratch, for nothing had been set down or standardised. First, the basis had to be got in order, and next he would proceed on a step-by-step basis. So, together with colleagues, he got going by answering questions such as:

  • How do we wish to work, and who will do what and when?
  • What is the project leader's role (knowledge/experience/control/communication)?
  • What expectations do contractors, building foremen and engineers have?
  • What possibilities are there to fulfil the expectations?
  • What will our controlling efforts focus on and how will we communicate these expectations to the contractors?
  • What capacity will be needed and will it be available, or how can we make it available?
  • Etc.

He closely examined elements of the chain step by step, and likewise implemented improvements. Not too many, not too fast, but properly and thoroughly, in a way in which everybody could participate.

And in these stepwise improvements, he provided evidence that this new method actually added value. It was very convincing, as even colleagues began to feel personally responsible for the success achieved. Subsequently, these colleagues were given a crucial coaching role in the implementation at the next location.

And even when all building projects were suspended on account of the Corona crisis, and there was a general 'lock-down', David and his team managed to continue. He did fall into arrears, but he wondered at the same time how he could catch up. He achieved this by thinking 'outside the box' and acting accordingly. He contacted new parties, implemented even smarter organization, managed more tightly and became selective in respect of subcontractors, focusing on quality and effectivity. The ultimate aim was to meet the 2020 forecast, or even to exceed it.

Optical fiber is the future, and the Netherlands is frontrunner, but the roll-out is enormously expensive. Using his approach, David found a successful way in which, by means of standardisation, new areas with low and high-rise buildings can be connected more speedily. Less time means les money and therefore higher sales. This is a winning formula that may benefit many organisations!

David is an interim professional, who has carried out many assignments for Naumac in the field of telecom/IT. David likes complex processes and organisational structures. He sees opportunities to optimize chains and is determined to hang on to his ideas. His knowledge and experience enable him to link technology to processes. He works very thoroughly; standardisation is his key feature, but it must be carried out together with others. David is a people person who has the time and patience to let his colleagues join the change process. Together strong, together successful.

David, Project manager

Started as a process and information analyst for GDPR she has worked her way up to leading projects and specials

Jessica is driven, strong when it comes down to thinking in terms of concept, is quick at garnering an overall view and is focussed on action and results. She enjoys getting stuck in and knows how to find a solution for every issue that presents itself.

During her time working for the 'Raad voor Rechtsbijstand'(Council for Legal Aid), a relatively small organisation with a limited number of IT employees, Jessica has shown that she can be put to work on all kinds of assignment thanks to her extensive experience and enthusiasm. She started her current project there in the role of process and information analyst, registering processing activity for GDPR (AVG). In the meantime, she has worked her way up to leading projects and specials; she is currently spearheading development of a new portal made to assist primary processes.

Jessica is proud of what she has achieved so far, in a short time and at a relatively unknown organisation with unfamiliar processes. She has achieved the following:

  • Description and documentation of company processes and process activities in a process management system
  • Initiation of the project aimed at assisting primary processes
  • Delivery of CIO ruling

Jessica is filled with with renewed energy every day working on her current assignment and looks forward to the working day: it pleases her to see diversity in the work she does, that she is given room to denote her tasks, and that she can enjoy the companionship of her colleagues.

Jessica, Project manager

She clarifies, connects and deliveres

Natascha is an experienced, hands-on operational manager who has the means to improve processes structurally and get people going.

Her currenct assignment at a leading Telecom company encompasses the role of build manager. This is a new position which Natascha has helped shape. By being explicit with regards to the 'why', 'what', and 'how' of the position and its practical form, Natascha has enabled the organisation to begin the search for a suitable candidate to permanently fill te roll.

She started the assignment during a period in which the organisation was going through a large-scale reorganisation: there was a lot of unrest and insecurity, as well as numerous position changes and employees leaving. It wasn't always easy to get a clear view of what was to be done, let alone getting it done. In this kind of situation, however, Natascha proves her worth: she knows how to keep a cool head, has a keen eye when it comes to assessing where change is necessary in order to make processes more efficient, and is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get stuck in.

An essential part of the position is maintaining the relationship with 'contractors'. Natascha ensures that agreements are not only made but are followed through on. In doing so she always maintains a standard of quality within the available budget. Her power lies in her connecting capabilities; she really develops a chemistry with her colleagues.

Natascha is proud of what she has achieved so far: a transparant and cooperative work relationship with the internal colleagues and contractors, clear expectations and argeements...The results speak for themselves!

Natascha, Build manager

Converting data into insight in order to increase eCommerce conversion rates

For years, there were issues with the conversion of the webstore. No-one seemed able to locate to core of the problem.

Utilising in-depth analyses of the issue, Bas helped give insight into what was going wrong and in doing so was able to convince numerous stakeholders as well as management groups of the value of his solution.

Bas, Senior Program Manager eCommerce

Significantly higher availability customer services

Project management involved the centralisation of all Managed Services as well as the uniformisation of the way of working for all (Managed) Services partners. Henk Jan directed this project and its implementation, resulting in significantly higher availability of customer services.

By automatising part of the communication process during major incidents, clients could be more efficiently notified by which means calls and related costs were diminished. Where possible, simple and repetitive tasks have also been automatised and standardised, which has led to an increase in service quality.

Henk Jan, Project manager Tooling Incident Management

Creating a clear goal followed by a pragmatic approach

Ger is a pragmatist who, with a balanced mix of experience, enthusiasm, humour, persistence and energy, initialised the reorganisation of tactical management processes (supplier and customer management). Processes have been described, warranted and transferred to service management. This has resulted in more room for growth and more efficient contract control.

Ger, Service Level Manager